Myrtle Beach New Home Buying Guide

When out searching for your new home in Myrtle Beach consider the following criteria:

  • Location, Location, Location:  Still the number one rule in real estate.
  • Cohesive look and feel:  Does the neighborhood have a consistent look when driving through?  How about the homes, do they all look the same, or even worse, are there many varied styles of architecture?
  • Protect your investment:  your home is your largest investment, do some research to determine if it is solid decision.  Are there foreclosures or short sales in the neighborhood?  Does your builder have any short sales or foreclosures in their past?  Are there many empty Lots, or even worse, empty homes?
  • How many homebuilders in the neighborhood:  also, the quality of those homebuilders.  If there are multiple “chain” builders in a neighborhood, the only way they can compete with each other is to lower price.  Sounds good right?  Well, to do that they will sacrifice quality and features to get the cost lower.
  • Financial viability of neighborhood:  ask about the developer, are they underwater, who “owns” the lots and who is responsible for continuing development and amenities?  How long have they been selling and for what prices?  Are “chain” builders buying blocks of Lots to build out spec homes?

These are all important factors that should weigh in your decision making process.  In this economy and tough housing market, a “good buy” may not always turn out that way.  Foreclosures and short sales will affect a neighborhood for a long time.  Who is building and at what quality will affect a neighborhood for ever.  Is the neighborhood even going to be finished, or the amenities built and/or maintained affects all homeowners.

Here at Cipriana Park, all of the above factors are no issue.  Traditional Homebuilders has one of the finest reputations for outstanding customer service and for building a fine quality home.  Drive through one of their neighborhoods and ask homeowners.  They are only too happy to give you their opinion.  In fact, word of mouth and testimonials have been one of their best advertisements.

The homes and landscaping here are designed to compliment each other and offer a pleasing, cohesive look and feel, all while not being a “cookie cutter” neighborhood.

As we are a brand new neighborhood, all residents who are financing are going through the toughest application process the banking industry has ever had.  Of course, there is no guarantee that there will not be a short sale or foreclosure in Cipriana Park, but the current banking regulations are helping to stop that from happening.

Cipriana Park is being developed by Leonard, Grigg & Associates, who are associated with and responsible for many of the finest neighborhoods and projects along the Grand Strand.  They have the proven track record, the experience and the financial strength to make Cipriana Park the finest neighborhood of it’s kind.

And the number one rule again, is location.  There is no finer new home neighborhood in Myrtle Beach than Cipriana Park.  Come see for yourself.