LStar Looks to Expand Grande Dunes

waterway HillIn January, LStar submitted a rough draft drawing to North Myrtle Beach city officials of their potential plans with the properties, and it largely consists of residential housing – mostly single-family inland and smaller sections of multi-family along or close to a portion of the Waterway on the north side of the property.


North Myrtle Beach city spokesman Pat Dowling said L-Star representatives discussed as recently as Thursday expanding Grande Dunes into North Myrtle Beach as a private and gated community. “We are still in discussions with LStar about the expansion of Grande Dunes into North Myrtle Beach,” Dowling said Friday.


Dowling said LStar representatives suggested a first phase of development could be homes on large lots stretching from well inland to the Waterway along the Grande Dunes border.


“This was a rough draft of one concept of a possible development presented for purposes of discussion with the city; it does not reflect a plan for development,” Vining said. “The planning process typically takes many, many months and will result in many, many draft concepts.”


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