Cipriana Park Endures Historic Rainfall

Grande Dunes RoadwayHope you are all well, dry and safe. I am happy to report that there have been no major issues here in Cipriana Park with this historic rainfall. Warren, our builder, has been in the neighborhood every few hours and while the lakes did rise, there has been no danger of water getting in any homes and very little damage.


Our lakes are tiered and piped all the way to the ocean and have worked just as planned.


Getting over 20 inches of rain to flow through those pipes is difficult to say the least, so some backing up was evident, but again, no issues. Water accumulating on roadways does happen, as all new drains in the neighborhood have a silt fabric inside, to stop as much debris from entering the pipes and lakes.


A major road over the bridge in Grande Dunes has completely washed away and they are performing boat and jet ski evacuations right now. There are many roads closed, travel is not advised, with businesses, governments and schools closures widespread.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to all that are experiencing this flooding, and believe me, there had been plenty.


On Wednesday October 8th, schools, government offices, and the courts reopen.