Building a New Home in Myrtle Beach – Brick or Stucco?

Here at Cipriana Park, all of our new homes will feature full brick exterior walls. Nothing else can match the classic beauty and elegance of a brick home. But there’s more to brick than just looks. Here are some reasons brick is so desired and the choice for your new home.

Because Brick looks better, for far longer and with less maintenance, than other building materials. Brick offers lasting value. It doesn’t rot, dent, or need to be painted and it won’t be eaten by termites and will never dent or tear. Other products, such as stucco, cost about the same as brick, but are far less durable and require much greater maintenance and upkeep.

Because Brick is Naturally Energy-Efficient. Brick is a building material that has exceptional “thermal mass” properties, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Offers Superior Moisture Control. According to a nationally – renowned, independent building products research laboratory, brick veneer wall assemblies control moisture better than wall systems clad with other exterior materials. Therefore, brick veneer wall systems help minimize mold growth, wood rot and infestation by insects.

Research confirms that genuine clay brick provides superior shelter in three major categories;

  1. Fire Protection: Since the primary ingredient in brick is clay which is fired to around 2000 F, it is a non-combustible material.
  2. High Wind Protection: A study conducted in September, 2004 shows that homes built with brick offer dramatically more protection from wind-blown debris than homes built with vinyl or fiber-cement siding.
  3. Noise Protection: Brick absorbs noise – giving it an acoustic advantage over other materials.

The world’s most beautiful and most practical homes are built with brick.